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Limos4 Limousine Company has been delivering premium transportation service in major European cities and countries for years. To make your limousine experience go as smoothly as possible, we have listed the most common questions we are asked about booking and travelling. However, if there is a specific question which is not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (+4589881424, +498938037826 or +442030516803) or email us: info@limos4.net.

Who do we contact for the airport pickup?
What is meet-and-greet service?
Is there a fee for meet-and-greet service?
What if I don’t see the chauffeur for my meet-and-greet service?
What forms of payment are accepted?
When are payments due for services?
Can I set up a direct billing account?
Are pets allowed inside vehicles?
Is there a charge if I need to make a stop?
Is there a fee for waiting periods?
What is the minimum time required to make a reservation?
How long does the driver wait for inbound airport passengers?
What is the maximum luggage capacity?
Is smoking allowed?
What is your cancellation policy?
What are the hours of operation?
Are you closed on holidays?
Do you provide child safety seats?
What vehicles do you offer for hire?
Are your vehicles insured?
What if I forget something in a vehicle?
Can I book a limousine per hour?
What is your privacy policy?
Why is the amount charged different from the amount I was quoted?